Indie Brand Spotlight

Indie Brand Spotlight: Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place is easily one of my all time favorite indie brands, with their high quality products and affordable prices. In my opinion, they have one of the best eyeshadow formulas in the business. I first discovered them through Instagram when I saw their Zulu palette in the discovery page. There was a lot of hype around this palette and for good reason. It just so happened to be around Labor Day so I snatched in up immediately during their sale. Since then, I’ve watched them grow and expand their product range rapidly. They came out with a new highlighter formula, some eyeshadow palettes and now foundations and concealers. Although I haven’t had a chance to try out their foundation yet, I truly believe that it will be the product that skyrockets the brand into the permanent spotlight that it deserves. Before I elaborate on the foundation, I want to mention some of the products that I do have.


As I mentioned, my first purchase was the Zulu palette which contains 9 colorful shades. Not only are these shadows super pigmented, but they are so easy to blend out. A lot of times, really pigmented eyeshadows are a little difficult to work with but that is not the case for Juvia’s Place. Even the purple is absolute perfection, which we all know how hard a purple is to make. This palette includes 6 matte shadows and 3 shimmers and retails for $20. This is a great price point considering the quality and the size of the pans. An interesting thing about this palette is that the eyeshadows do not have names. Other palettes of theirs have names for their shadows but this one along with 2 others do not.

Pictured above: The Zulu palette with swatches

The other palette from Juvia’s that I have, The Douce, does have names. Once again, I picked this up during one of their sales and got it for $14. That’s another great thing about the brand, they often have sales. Now this palette I had been eyeing up for quite some time. When I saw that bubblegum pink shadow and that pastel green shimmer I knew I had to have it. The matte shadows are so soft that they feel like butter and the shimmers pack a powerful punch. Believe me when I say my swatches do not do these palettes justice.

Pictured above: The Douce palette with swatches

Highlighters and Blush

Another thing that Juvia’s Place is known for is their high impact highlighters. They offer them in loose, pressed and baked formulas. I have the loose highlighter in the shade Cleo, which is a gorgeous pale gold with silver shimmers. I’ve also heard great things about the baked highlighters, or Heroine Glow as they call them. They are all priced a little different, with the loose retailing for $14 for 8 grams, the pressed for $15 and the baked for $16. Although I haven’t tried the other formulas out, I can attest for the loose highlighter. It will leave you absolutely glowing and the shades that they offer look beautifully natural on all skin tones. I can’t rave about them enough. Another product I can’t get enough of is the blush. We all know that I’m obsessed with blushes and let me say that Juvia’s Place did not disappoint. I picked up the shade Serafina which is a beautiful light coral. Now, these blushes are pigmented so a little goes a long way. I use a light hand when dipping my brush in and I only dip twice, but that’s just me. Along with being pigmented, the blushes are super creamy and soft, gliding on effortlessly. They retail for $8 for the singles and $18 for the 6-pan palettes.

Pictured above: Loose highlighter in Cleo on the right (zoom in to see the fine glitter) and single blush in Serafina on the left

Pictured above: Swatches of Cleo on top and Serafina on bottom

Foundation and Concealer

Last but certainly not least, I want to briefly mention their latest products. I have not tried them yet so I can only give my opinion based off of reviews, but from what I read they are top notch. The foundation comes in a little squeeze bottle priced at $20 and is marketed as a velvety matte. More importantly there are 42 shades. Yes, you heard that correctly, 42. Another thing that this launch should be praised for is the extensive shade range for people of color. They have also completely switched up the shade names and started with the darkest shade in the 100s. To some this might not be a big deal but to others its a huge victory because they are putting people of color first. A lot of brands often neglect darker shades and leave a lot of gaps between the ones they do put out. They deserve a round of applause for this and hopefully other brands will take notes. Now, from what I’ve heard about the foundation, it is extremely full coverage. Some people do not like matte foundations because they are too thick and can appear cake-like. Going based off of what NikkieTutorials said, if you use the right hydrating primer and moisturize beforehand, this foundation will be the perfect combination of matte and velvet. As for the concealer, it is also full coverage and retails for $14. I hope to try them out soon so stay tuned!


For a smaller brand, Juvia’s Place really knocks it out of the park with not only the quality of their products but also their packaging. Their eyeshadow palettes come with intricately designed animations of African queens, rulers and rebels. That is the brands entire esthetic and let me just say they do it very well. The single blushes come in a magnetized cardboard with a mirror and a killer African design on the outside. The loose highlighters have a bright red top with a beautiful golden label. Chichi Eburu, the owner of Juvia’s Place, really shows her passion and pride for her brand in the quality of her products. She has created something magical and I know she’s only going up from here.

You can purchase Juvia’s Place products directly on their website or from Ulta Beauty. Not all of their products are available at Ulta currently, but their foundations and concealers will be sold in stores starting June 2nd. Also be sure to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their latest launches and sales.

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