Battle of Best Coverage: #FauxFilter vs. Maybelline Super Stay

People are always looking for drugstore dupes as a way to get the best bang for their buck. Foundation can be one of the most expensive makeup products on the market so it’s no surprise that there are hundreds of brands offering cheaper alternatives. The Huda Beauty #FauxFilter foundation is often touted as one of the best prestige foundations out there. It is a full coverage foundation that promises to cover anything and everything, and with a $40 price tag it better. Maybelline on the other hand is a much more affordable brand and they have really been upping their game recently. Not long ago they released their 24 hour Super Stay foundation which many have argued is an exact dupe for the Huda Beauty one. I happen to have tried both of these foundations and currently switch back and forth between the two. I’ll break down the pros and cons of each one and let you answer the question for yourself: which one is better?

The #FauxFilter foundation is exactly what is says, full coverage. My face looks absolutely flawless after applying it, as if I had just been photoshopped. It really does cover all of your imperfections so there’s no need to use FaceTune before you Instagram. However, the foundation has a floral scent to it, which in my opinion is a little too overpowering. I am sensitive to strong smells so I do tend to get headaches after wearing it longer than a few hours. If you don’t mind scented products then this is perfect for you, but if not then stay far far away. Another issue I have with this foundation is how slippery it is. It gives off a dewy appearance which with my skin type just makes me look kind of sweaty. On top of that, if I am actually sweating the foundation will come right off. If I so much as bump my hand against my face you better believe it’s taking this foundation along with it. I wear my glasses pretty much all day so I get the characteristic bridge mark across my nose. I haven’t found a foundation yet that will stay on under my glasses, however, I have noticed that it comes off much easier with the Huda Beauty foundation.

Maybelline pictured on top, Huda Beauty on bottom. #FauxFilter has a slightly thicker consistency.

Now onto the Maybelline foundation, which is also marketed as full coverage. It is priced at just $12 which is nothing compared to its above mentioned competitor. I 100% agree that this foundation is full coverage, just not as much as Huda’s. It gives a more natural full coverage appearance compared to a photoshopped one. There is no scent to it and it has more of a matte finish. I personally prefer Maybelline over #FauxFilter when it comes to everyday wear. I use it for work and it really is long lasting, maybe not 24 hours like its advertised, but long wear nonetheless. It leaves less of a glasses mark than the #FauxFilter, however, by the end of the day it does start to crack. My skin becomes rather dry looking by the end of a 10 hour shift so if you naturally have a dry skin type then this is not the foundation for you.

#FauxFilter used on the right side of my face (your left, side with the freckle) and Maybelline used on the left side of my face

I really do love both of these foundations and I use them for different occasions. If you want flawless coverage to take the perfect Instagram picture with or to wear at a short event, then go with the Huda Beauty foundation. If you need something more natural looking that lasts a little longer, Maybelline is your girl. There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the amount of product each bottle offers, with Huda containing 1.18 fl oz compared to Maybelline’s 1.0 fl oz. However, there is a significant price difference between the two. If I had to choose one, which isn’t really my style since I’m an extreme makeup hoarder, I would go with Maybelline. It’s much cheaper, offers pretty much the same coverage and lasts longer. Since the coverage is almost identical the choice really comes down to skin type and what you will be using it for. Dry skin types are better off with Huda while oily skin types are better off with Maybelline. As for those of you with combination skin, the choice is all yours my friend.